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Rodney and Breann – Albion Basin

For a couple of weeks, I had a session up at Albion Basin almost every single night. I could not complain though because when the wildflowers are out, there is no place that is prettier. ;) I met Rodney and Breann for the first time at their engagement session. Breann and I had chatted on the phone before she booked and it was so nice to finally meet them! They were absolutely amazing and the light was gorgeous!! We may or may not have basically climbed the side of a mountain to get some of the wildflower shots ha ha. It was so worth it though! ;)


2016-09-13_0001 Albion Basin engagements Albion Basin 2016-09-13_0004 2016-09-13_0005 engagements at Albion Basin Alta engagements 2016-09-13_0008 2016-09-13_0009 2016-09-13_0010 Utah engagement photographer 2016-09-13_0012 2016-09-13_0013 2016-09-13_0014

Huntley Family – Antelope Island

I absolutely love shooting at Antelope Island. It is no secret. ;) And so of course I was excited when Amy told me that she wanted to do their family session there!

We had such a great evening and my very favorite thing about this session was not only how genuinely kind and fun everyone was, but I loved watching the kids relationship with each other. <3 You could tell how much they cared + loved each other just in their interaction with one another. These are just a few faves from our session together and I absolutely love how they turned out!

2016-09-14_0001 2016-09-14_0002 2016-09-14_0003 2016-09-14_0004 2016-09-14_0005 2016-09-14_0007

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