I am so excited for Cam and Kelsee’s wedding today! I first met them at their engagement session in Big Cottonwood Canyon just before all of the leaves were completely gone last month. We even had a little bit of snow to shoot with and I love how their session turned out. They were so great to work with and it was so easy to see how in love and amazing they are together. <3

utah-canyon-engagements-1 utah-canyon-engagements-2 utah-canyon-engagements-3 utah-canyon-engagements-4

utah-canyon-engagements-5 utah-canyon-engagements-6 utah-canyon-engagements-7 utah-canyon-engagements-8 utah-canyon-engagements-9 utah-canyon-engagements-10 utah-canyon-engagements-11 utah-canyon-engagements-12 utah-canyon-engagements-13 utah-canyon-engagements-14 utah-canyon-engagements-15 utah-canyon-engagements-16

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