I am slowly catching up from last summer and Silver Lake was one of the most popular engagement session spots for sure! Each year it seems like there are favorites with my couples and this location was one of them. It was nice to be able to get out of the heat up the canyon where it was 10-15 degrees cooler than the Salt Lake valley.

Josh and Kaitlin met in Detroit where they were both doing internships. He had an accounting internship and she had an internship working with children with autism. They were friends first and then realized that they liked each other. It worked out for them to travel back to Utah together and the rest is history! These two made my job so easy and they were so much fun to spend the evening with.


Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-1 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-2 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-3 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-4 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-5 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-6 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-7 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-8 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-9 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-10 Silver-Lake-engagements-by-Rachel-Nielsen-11


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