This session is from awhile ago, but I am determined to get caught up! ;) I loved this session, so I am excited to finally be able to post some of my favorites!

Zach and Camilla were so much fun to photograph and the light from their session? Gah. It was ah-mazing. I could not get over how amazing her hair was in the light – I could have shot it all night. Utah Lake was the perfect place for their engagement session and you can see how in love they are. It really was the perfect evening. <3

Zach and Camilla Engagements-3-1webZach and Camilla Engagements-5webZach and Camilla Engagements-17webZach and Camilla Engagements-20webZach and Camilla Engagements-21webZach and Camilla Engagements-29webUtah-Lake-engagements-webZach and Camilla Engagements-48webZach and Camilla Engagements-52webZach and Camilla Engagements-53webZach and Camilla Engagements-56Zach and Camilla Engagements-57-1webZach and Camilla Engagements-59web

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