I am so honored to be joining a group of uber talented ladies in a monthly Lensbaby love blog project. Each month we will each be posting an image (or images) that we have taken with our Lensbabies.

With our weather being so warm lately (and I am not complaining), the kids have been spending a lot of time outside. I have loved  photographing them just having fun playing in the sunshine. This is one of my favorites from our evenings at the park.

It isn’t my favorite because of creativity or anything like that this month. It is because my wonder about what she is thinking is summed up perfectly in this image. She literally laid down on the grass and sighed like she was in heaven. I can tell that she is not only content, but her little brain is working + wondering. There is something magical about laying down on the grass and staring up at that big blue sky. It seemingly feels like anything is possible.

More evenings should be just like this.

Please continue the circle by checking out Nina’s beautiful work by clicking HERE.


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  1. What a charming image, Rachel! Yes, I love that childhood daydreaming moment that you’ve captured! Adults should be as carefree and “in the moment” :)
    P.S. could you please send some of that warmth my way?

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