You guys!! I am SO excited to share that Sally Kate Photography and I are opening a few limited spots in our new Advanced Lightfinders workshop this September in Moab, Utah!

We will be talking about (and shooting!) long exposures – including astro photography (this retreat is scheduled during the new moon on purpose – clouds permitting), indoor natural and artificial light (including unusual sources like twinkle lights, candles, car headlights), troubleshooting low light situations, continuous lights, off camera flash, and most importantly, assessing the situation and knowing what kind of light to use and when. Because this is truly a hands on creative light workshop, we are limiting the spots to only 6-7 attendees at MOST. This workshop/retreat will push you beyond what you think you know about light!

Head on over to the workshop page here to get all the details and to grab your spot! >>> Lightfinders Advanced Workshop

Want a peek at where we will be shooting? This is just one of the places below! 😍

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  1. Hi, can I saw this was an astrophotography workshop. Are you also doing model shoots, or is it night sky only? And what is the fitness level required? Thanks!

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