The last couple of weeks have been madness ha ha!

We are preparing for 2 new workshop releases this upcoming Wednesday over at Digital Darkroom Secrets.

So I have been preparing for the upcoming busy wedding season + recording new classes. My poor kids and hubby think I am glued to my computer 24 hours a day lol. But, I know that a little craziness here and there is okay and it will all be worth it in the end.

The first workshop we are releasing is a Photoshop Elements editing workshop. All of our workshops are instantly downloadable-which makes it super convenient when you are learning something new. I don’t know about you, but I love going through things at my own pace (and at home in my pjs). This workshop will be a great addition to our Photoshop workshop. We have had many, many requests to record one and we are so excited to share it!

The second workshop is how to set up and fully customize your WordPress + Prophoto blogsite. As a web developer, Prophoto is one of the easiest WordPress themes to customize. It has an amazing backend and awesome support. I couldn’t recommend it more! I have seen so many questions about how to customize Prophoto and I also wanted to offer something to those who can’t necessarily hire a designer right now. Of course, I will always recommend going with a designer (like me ha ha) if you can, but this is even a great addition to that. When designers are done and you need to update your site later, this workshop can help you know how to do those changes if needed! So it will be really helpful all around. Oh and did I mention it comes with an exclusive Prophoto design too?

So that is what I have been busy with. I am really excited for the start of the busy wedding season. Oh how I love weddings! Sigh….

And of course, how can I blog and not post a photo? This is a favorite from last fall that I have yet to blog. Not sure if I will ever get caught up here, but just know that I will get there!

Utah wedding photographers

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