So early yesterday morning, I met with some other members of ClickinMoms for a photo walk. This is something that is put together each year and I was so excited that I could go this year. I have to admit, once I realized the date worked and signed up, I went back and looked at the time and I just about died ha ha. I am so not a morning person! But I got there on time and managed to squeeze in a diet coke from McD’s beforehand lol, so it was all good ;)

We met in Odgen on 25th street and right on the corner of Grand Street, they were having the last farmers market of the season. It was fun photographing something different and not just people. I actually tried not to photograph people to pull me out of my own comfort zone. There were about 15-20 of us and I am thinking we should meet up and do it more often. I really enjoyed getting to know some other local photographers and meeting up with a few of them that I haven’t seen in years.

These ones are my favorite from the walk. I have a hard time picking favorites, but I love the old piano especially. It was sitting out in front of the train station and had such awesome colors. As I went through my photos, I think you can tell that I was into the detail shots – especially the food lol.

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