I absolutely love shooting at Antelope Island. It is no secret. ;) And so of course I was excited when Amy told me that she wanted to do their family session there!

We had such a great evening and my very favorite thing about this session was not only how genuinely kind and fun everyone was, but I loved watching the kids relationship with each other. <3 You could tell how much they cared + loved each other just in their interaction with one another. These are just a few faves from our session together and I absolutely love how they turned out!

2016-09-14_0001 2016-09-14_0002 2016-09-14_0003 2016-09-14_0004 2016-09-14_0005 2016-09-14_0007

2016-09-15_0001 2016-09-14_0008 2016-09-14_0009 2016-09-14_0010 2016-09-14_0011 2016-09-14_0012 2016-09-14_0014 2016-09-14_0015 2016-09-14_0016 2016-09-14_0017 2016-09-14_0018 2016-09-14_0019 2016-09-14_0020

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