I am posting this a little out of order, but oh well ;)

Getting ready is such a fun time of the wedding day. The emotions, the anticipation and the pampering during getting ready is just SO great. It is a time for the girls to bond and give any last minute advice before the ceremony.

Chelsie’s family is from New Hampshire and they flew in for the wedding. I think having her best friends, sister and mom there while she was getting ready made the day extra special. I always love watching the relationships between the bride and her loved ones during this time. The support and love between family and friends is always just humbling to watch and photograph.

One of my favorite moments? Chelsie’s mom and Curtis getting teary before leaving for the temple. Another was seeing the little chalkboard that Chelsie wrote and the must have Diet Coke. I knew I liked Chelsie for a reason ha ha ;)

I am always so incredibly honored to be included on such an important day.

Getting Ready - Chelsie

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