The second half of Devan and Jen’s bride and groom session was at the Provo City Center temple (if you missed the first half of their session, you can check it out here). I love that they wanted to do this session before their wedding day because we were able to take advantage of the pretty lighting during the last light of the day (and the cooler temps!). This temple is one of my new favorite places to shoot and I love the colors of the brick (and Jen’s cream dress looked even more amazing against it). It couldn’t have been a more perfect evening. <3

Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-1 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-2 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-3 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-4 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-5 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-6 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-7 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-8 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-9 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-10 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-11 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-12 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-13 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-14 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-15 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-16 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-17 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-18 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-19 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-20 Provo-city-center-temple-wedding-21

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