A Girl and Her Horse

I joked on Facebook today that it might be a miracle, I am actually blogging. I have been working on scheduling and planning more posts, so hopefully this is a start of many to come!

I am pretty much in love with this session from last fall and I am excited to finally share it.

Montana was colder than normal the weekend we were there but we got so many great shots! It was absolutely freezing but you would never know it. And of course, it was more than worth it :)

Isn’t she just gorgeous?!!

bridal photos of girl on horse, Utah wedding photographers, Rachel Nielsen Photography

  • Holy moly, these are INCREDIBLE, Rachel!! Very nice work!

  • rebecca henasey said:

    how did you light this? are you using pocket wizards? I can't get my speedlights to trigger in bright sun like that! :)

  • Rebecca, this was an AB1600 + beauty dish and yep, it was with pocket wizards :)

  • Lara Koppmann said:

    oh Rachel these are beautiful!!!

  • Carey Hough said:

    Rachel these are amazing! I feel like I'm looking at an editorial or a perfume ad! Great job - they are spectacular!

  • JennyO said:

    Wow, Rachel, these are absolutely amazing!

  • Lexie said:

    Wow, those are incredible!!! Especially love the ones with the sunbursts in them :)

  • Casey said:

    Wow! Simply incredible, Rachel!!

  • Leanne said:

    I love them all! So pretty.

  • Shell said:

    Gorgeous! :)

  • Liz said:

    WOW! These are amazing!

  • Tammy Smith said:

    Great job! Working with a horse can be tough work. :)