Cody and Jordan wanted to do a bride and groom session before they surprised everyone with their elopement and Silver Lake was the perfect place! Jordan was really hoping that we would see one of the regular moose that night, but unfortunately, they weren’t around. The weather was perfect though and we had such gorgeous light. I don’t know how I get so lucky, but I truly work with the best couples. It sounds so cliche but it is why I love my job so much. They were both fantastic and so much fun to work with! <3 Here are a few of my faves from their session!

Silver-Lake-Elopement-1 Silver-Lake-Elopement-2 Silver-Lake-Elopement-3 Silver-Lake-Elopement-4 Silver-Lake-Elopement-5 Silver-Lake-Elopement-6 Silver-Lake-Elopement-7 Silver-Lake-Elopement-8 Silver-Lake-Elopement-9 Silver-Lake-Elopement-10 Silver-Lake-Elopement-11 Silver-Lake-Elopement-12 Silver-Lake-Elopement-13 Silver-Lake-Elopement-14 Silver-Lake-Elopement-15 Silver-Lake-Elopement-16 Silver-Lake-Elopement-17

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