It was a rainy wedding day for Russell and Hillary and luckily, we dodged the rain all day. It worked out perfectly and it stopped just long enough to let us get some gorgeous images all around the Salt Lake LDS temple. We already got some gorgeous images at This is the Place Park and even though it was cloudy, we were able to grab some beautiful images. <3

SLC-lds-temple-wedding-1 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-2 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-3 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-4 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-5 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-6 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-7 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-8 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-9 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-10 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-11 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-12 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-13 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-14 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-15 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-16 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-17 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-18 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-19 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-20 SLC-lds-temple-wedding-21


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