July at Albion Basin is one of my very favorite times and places to shoot and I was so excited that Sebastian and Mariah wanted to do their bride and groom session there. The wildflowers and the light could not have been more gorgeous! Mariah’s mom joined us for the session and it was so nice to have her there to help with their first look. I loved the variety of flowers we had that night and seeing the excitement and anticipation of their wedding day. <3 I couldn’t be happier with how their session turned out!

Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-1 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-2 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-3 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-4 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-5 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-6 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-7 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-8 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-9 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-10 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-11 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-12 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-13 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-14 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-15 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-16 Albion-basin-bride-and-groom-17

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